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Po-So 11:00 – 23:00
Ne 11:00 – 16:00

A la carte – starting November 18th !


 Creamy parsnip  soup,

herb glazes, parsnip chips 75, –

 Soup of the day 55, –

 Nachos with melted Cheddar,

spicy home-made salsa, sour cream 95, –

Grilled  Halloumi cheese (80g),

shallot glaze with nuts, small green salad 120, –

Beef carpaccio (100g),

rocket, capers, olive oil, basil mayonnaise, italian style of hard cheese 145, –

Burgundy snails from farm in Dolní Podluží – 6 pcs,

herb butter , French baguette 145, –

Beef Tatar steak (100g),

shallots, chives, mustard, pickled cucumber, egg yolk, capers, radish 185, –

Tiger prawns –  3 pcs

butter, garlic, chilli, shallot, salad of pressed radish and herbs 210, –

Foie gras (50g),

pear chutney, cranberries 245, –



Lamb shank (450g),

potato puree, spinach, cherry tomatoes, strong lamb jus 315, –

Rib of beef from black Angus – Mitrovský farm,

(400g) chopped fresh celery stalks in butter sauce, smoked vegetables, veal jus 265, –

Duck leg confit (250g),

braised red cabbage, potato gnocchi  in a  light herb sauce, cranberry dumplings, cherry sauce 225, –

Grilled pork tenderloin (200g),

ragout of fresh mushrooms and herbs, potato fondant, juniper berry sauce 265, – 

Grilled pork neck (300g),

vegetable puree, apples, horseradish, baked beetroot,beer sauce 215, –

Chicken breast (200g),

maize ragout, grilled spring onion,

corn sprouts 215, – 

Black Angus Jalapeno cheeseburger (150g),

homemade burger bun, young bull minced meat, smoked bacon, Cheddar cheese, peppers,  caramelized onions, red leaf lettuce,  peppered mayo, fries 245, –

Vegetarian cheeseburger,

homemade burger bun, grilled portobello mushroom, Cheddar cheese, peppered mayonnaise, red leaf lettuce, caramelized onions, fries 195, – 



Beef steaks from Organic  Farm Mitrovský dvůr:

Rib eye steak (300g) 465, –

Flap Steak  (200g) 365, – 

Served with :  potato fondant, roasted leeks,  pepper corn sauce



Grilled Sea bream (160g),

Italian risotto with Jerusalem artichokes, young leaf spinach 245, –

 Marinated rainbow trout,

potato purée with lime peel and vanilla, roasted zucchini, light dill sauce 245, –



 Caesar salad,

romaine lettuce salad, eggs, smoked bacon, anchovies dressing, Italian hard cheese with:

chicken meat (150g) 195, –

grilled prawns (100g) 215, –

Walnut crust Grilled Goat cheese (100g),

rocket, beetroot, caramelized onion 185, –



We prepare daily the world  class specialties from seafood, fish and high quality meat.

Desserts are home made and only from the finest ingredients.